Training Policies

No Show Policy

Please remember to sign up online for classes. There is a $15.00 charge for anyone that has to be registered at Third Coast Safety (or if classes have to be changed). As we get into our busy season, we will be restricted to if and when we can register you for classes. Cancellation/Absent fees are $25.00 and will be enforced if not cancelled before 3:00pm of the business day prior to the day of training.

I.D. Policy

Third Coast Safety will accept ONLY the following documents for purposes of student identification:

  • Valid Driver License w/Photo (US State issued)
  • Valid Identification Card w/Photo (US State issued)
  • Valid Passport w/Photo (US Government issued only)
  • Valid Renewal document w/expired within 60 days photo Driver License (Expired license beyond 60 days will not be accepted. Student will have to wait for official license from State prior to taking a course.)
  • Valid Renewal document w/expired within 60 days photo Identification Card (Expired identification card beyond 60 days will not be accepted. Student will have to wait for official identification card from State prior to taking a course.)
  • Permanent Residence Card (US Government issued only)

Copies of documents will not be accepted. There will be no exceptions made to this policy by Third Coast Safety. The owner will determine any exceptions and the badge will be printed in yellow with the site orientation on the back of the badge.

Social Security Verification Policy (SSV)

Courses requiring a SSV are noted on the Course Listing. A nominal charge will be incurred for all courses requiring SSV.

Offsite Classes

There is a 20 student minimum for offsite training within a 50-mile radius of our location. Offsite training outside of the 50-mile radius is subject to additional terms. Please contact our office for offsite training requests.

Policies on Special Assistance

Third Coast Safety accepts registrations for persons who are unable to read or who have reading comprehension difficulty – specifically, people who must have tests read to them. At no extra charge, we can have one of our classroom assistants provide the service. The trainee may request this help, but only after hearing a clear announcement by the instructor that a passing grade achieved with reading assistance results in the awarding of an ID badge which identifies the worker as a non-reader. The trainee must also understand that contractors often deny employment to non-readers because many plants do not accept them. This training is not accepted by other ARSC members.

We do have some training courses in Spanish. Such registrants are informed that some plants do not allow workers in their plants who cannot read English.

Hearing Impaired
Third Coast Safety will accept registration of a hearing impaired person, provided the enrollee can personally arrange for an interpreter at his/her own expense. The interpreter must first undergo “Initial Orientation” and achieve a passing grade. He/she will then be allowed to interpret – but may not assist while the trainee is taking the written test.

Policy on Failed Evaluations
It is the policy of the Third Coast Safety that people who fail a course evaluation (any subject/course) must re-take the training program and evaluation. The person may re-take the training program as soon as the next business day, but the company/person will be assessed the appropriate course fee. If the person fails the evaluation a second time, the person would not be allowed to take that the class or evaluation for thirty (30) days. If the person fails the evaluation a third time, the person would not be allowed to take the test for 90 days.