Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a course?

If you don’t have an account you will need to create one. Once this has been completed you will need to log in, select training then Registration and follow the prompts. Click here for our website guide.

How do I apply for an online account?

Select Create an Account and follow the prompts. Click here for our website guide.

What days and times do you offer Basic Orientation Plus (BOP)?

Monday through Friday at 7AM.

How do I become a member and receive reduced rates?

Click here for membership information.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card, debit card or business check. We do not take personal checks.

How long does the Basic Orientation Class (BOP) last?

Approximately 5 hours of classroom time followed by a 65 question test in the Computer Based Testing (CBT) Lab. Students are allowed up to 1.5 hours to complete the test.

What time(s) can I come in and take Basic Orientation Plus Refresher (BOPR) or a site specific class in the computer lab?

Classes in the CBT lab can be taken all day (between 7AM – 4PM) however classes MUST be scheduled in advance in order to ensure there are seats for all students. Registration for classes ends at 2 PM.

Why do I need an online account?

An account is needed to register for classes, make payments and view training records.

Can I come to 3CS to take a site orientation class for a jobsite in Texas?

We partner with many safety councils throughout the U.S. to provide classes. Please notify us at if you do not see the class you need on our website.

How long will it take for a background check to come back?

Most background checks are complete within a few days, however; if an individual has pending charges, has moved or traveled extensively or has a lengthy record, it can take longer. Background check return times are based on the response time of the corresponding legal jurisdiction(s).

We are in Georgia and need to send 30 people to a jobsite in Mobile, AL. Do you have a trainer available to come to us so that we can save the plant per diem costs?

We are having a shutdown and need to train a large group of incoming contractors. Do you have a trainer that can come to our plant?

We can send a trainer and training materials to offsite locations for large groups. Please contact us at 251-478-9152 to schedule.

Is there a study guide I can view before the training class?

Yes, for Basic Orientation Plus and Refresher. Please click here

Do you offer assistance for non-readers?

Yes, our classroom assistants can read tests to students upon request. Please note the badge will reflect that assistance was given. Some plants will not permit entry for non-readers.

What if my Basic Orientation Plus Refresher training isn’t received in 12 months?

If less than four years has passed from the expiration date, you are eligible to take the computer based Basic Orientation Plus Refresher course.  If more than four years have elapsed, you must retake the Basic Orientation Plus Class.

I’ve lost my safety council badge how do I get a new one?

You can schedule online for a badge replacement or walk-in. Bring proper ID to the registration desk. The charge is $10.

I lost my ID can I still test?

We require State or Government issued picture ID (US Drivers License, TWIC, US Military ID, Department of Corrections Card, or International Passport).

Do you offer classes after hours for emergencies?

Yes call us at 251-478-9152 or email us at for more information.

What councils will accept your Basic Orientation Plus/Refresher card?

All ARSC member councils accept our Basic Orientation Plus and Refresher and any other course that is transferable. For more information on ARSC and a list of member councils and transferable courses visit their website at

What is ARSC and reciprocity?

ARSC member councils are councils whose training meets the standards set for certain non-site-specific courses such as Basic Plus. (Additional courses will be added in the future). These courses are transferable from one member council to another. Your employee does not have to retake a transferable course if he has passed the course within the year at an ARSC member council. For more information on ARSC and a list of member councils and transferable courses visit their website at

What topics are covered in the Basic Orientation Plus/Refresher?

The ARSC Reciprocal Basic courses description, covered topics and more can be found on the ARSC website at ARSC has prepared a document for your convenience, please click here.

What do I need to work in a plant?

Each plant varies. You will need to contact your supervisor to see what training you will need.

What companies are hiring?

We do not keep this information.

What if I run out of time while in testing?

Your company will need to reschedule you.

Can I register for the required training class myself?

The only courses for self-registration are:

ARSC Reciprocals

Security Passport Background Check

Drug and Alcohol Testing

All other sites specifics have to be registered through a company.

Can I take a break during a test?

Students are allowed take breaks between different courses, but breaks are not allowed during a test.  Instructor-led courses have scheduled breaks.

Do you offer TWIC training?


What is the latest time a student can check in for training?

The latest to check in is 2:00 PM