Study Guide

This BOP Study Guide was developed to provide help to trainees taking the BOP course. It provides written introductions of many of the safety principles that will be presented in the course. It also introduces numerous safety terms used in the course material. Becoming familiar with these safety terms will promote better understanding of the course material and the exam.

To ensure your safety on-the-job as well as properly prepare you for the exam, you will need to focus on the safety principles and practices that are communicated in the BOP classroom course.

How to use this study guide:
Read the information contained in the guide. If there are terms you are not able to pronounce, ask someone for assistance, if possible. It is likely that you will see these words again in the course material and the exam. If you don’t understand a safety term or some safety principle, write down your question(s) and ask your BOP instructor at a suitable time.

If you find it difficult reading and understanding the information in this guide, you will likely have difficulty reading and understanding your written exam as well.