Background Checks

At Third Coast Safety we want to build partnerships with industries that lead to a mutual success for everyone involved. When hiring employees— whether temporary or permanent—having an appropriate background check can be crucial. Third Coast Safety, in conjunction with GoodHire, will secure an in-depth background report that may contain information about a person’s criminal or other public records history, public court records, driving records, and educational and employment history (see form for complete list). This step in the hiring process provides contractors and employees with reduced risk and peace of mind, while protecting your company’s reputation. Click here to view the criteria.

We can customize background checks to your specific criteria. Email us at for more information.

To apply for your background check: Sign into your 3CS account and register for the appropriate background check, upload the form and a copy of the driver’s license or ID. Any missing information, incorrect information or non-payment for services will delay the background screening process or results.

Types of Background Checks 3CS offers:

Security Passport/3CS Background Check

BASF Background, a customized background check for BASF

Mitsubishi Background, a customized background check for Mitsubishi

A customized background check for Duke

A customized background check for Dupont